People in the UK Worried About Out of Hours Healthcare

England 05/04/2013 - A recent survey showed that the majority of UK residents are worried that out of hours medical cover is not adequate

UK residents are very fortunate when it comes to health care they have good access to both doctors and dentists. However, a recent survey by The Patient’s Association showed that, whilst most were happy with general care, four fifths of UK patients were not sure that the out of hours care on offer in their locale was reliable enough. The survey did not ask specifically about emergency dental care, but some people are concerned about this too. Finding an emergency dentist in Hull or another large city is quite easy and residents feel that they can easily get emergency dental help. However, in some small towns residents are less confident about access to help in a dental emergency.

In reality, even residents of small towns, need not worry. UK dentists provide a good level of cover. They work in tandem with each other to make sure that cover is provided.

In a dental emergency the first port of call should be the person’s own dentist. If it is during working hours, a dentist will always make sure that they see people with serious or emerging problems. The rates they charge vary slightly from the standard rate, but by very little.

Out of hours, cover varies from dentist to dentist. However, all dentists leave am answer machine message that directs patients to the nearest emergency dentist. The standard of service is good from all dentists who provide this emergency cover. First, they work out over the phone if the patient needs to be seen immediately, and arrange to see those who need it. If this is not necessary, they will provide advice on how to control pain and tell a patient how to spot signs of the problem getting worse.

Emergency care from NHS dentists
NHS dentists, including, the East Hull Dental Centre are part of this network of dentists who provide emergency dental care. This dental clinic’s location just off a bus route ensures that they are accessible to all Hull residents, not just those with cars.


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