Value without compromise when booking wedding photography from Foley Photography

England – 13/2/2013 – People looking for wedding photographers Cheshirecan use a bespoke service aiming to match their customers up with wedding albums that they can cherish forever. Foley Photography have vast experience in wedding photography and pride themselves on capturing natural shots that will enable couples to relive their big day in the most accurate and treasurable manner possible. Couples have found themselves burned in the past by not researching the wedding photography market in adequate depth before agreeing to enlist the services of certain photography companies.

What Foley Photography say is different about their service is that they emphasise the importance of context when it comes to photographs, ensuring that as many key elements regarding the day itself are captured. This includes capturing the background and the run-down of events in as much depth as possible so that their clients can relive their big day in more detail than they otherwise would be able to. Foley Photography offer their clients the chance to discuss their plans in vivid detail so less room for error is available and that the most accurate representation of their wishes is catered for. The more information clients can give to the company, the more Foley Photography can do to provide a unique service tailored to the bride and grooms wishes. Rather than simply opting for a series of predictable shots, the company are keen to provide as unique and distinctive as service as possible.

Innovative yet highly-attractive images that really stand out

Foley Photography can cover not only traditional weddings but civil partnerships and destination weddings too. The wedding photographers Cheshireeven offer a gift voucher service which allows attendees of events to contribute towards paying for the photographic services – perfect for people who are unsure of which gifts they should offer to newlyweds. The company also has a strong presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

They also offer a ‘Love and Lifestyle’ service which allows their clients to be photographed with family members, new arrivals or during the weeks leading up to weddings. The ‘Pre-Wedding Engagement’ service allows couples who are planning on getting wed to be photographed in orderfor the resulting images to be applied to wedding invites and other pre-ceremony paraphernalia.  It is hoped that people looking for wedding photographers Cheshire will feel find this service very beneficial.



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