Mobile Search More Important than Ever Says SEO Consult, As Google Now Comes To iOS

Cheshire, United Kingdom (7th May 2013). Digital agency SEO Consult wants to highlight the importance to businesses of mobile search marketing. This comes after it was announced that Google Now is now available on Apple’s iOS operating system.

As outlined on the company’s official Google+ page, Google’s localised search app will now be available to iPhone and iPad users, having previously only been available on devices that operate on the Google owned Android platform. Using GPS signals, Google Now can send messages and information relevant to geographical location direct to a user’s device. From traffic news, directions and places of interest, all of these and more will be visible upon opening the Google search app.

Google Now uses previous search history to determine what interests a user has in order to be able to deliver relevant news and updates. However, users can also manually enter details in their settings to ensure they receive the information that they want most. Google Now also allows for voice activated searches.

SEO Consult delivers search engine optimisation services to UK businesses of all sizes. The agency can also incorporate this work for mobile search based purposes and, with news of iOS users now being able to access Google Now, along with the continued growth of mobile search based queries across the board, SEO Consult has highlighted the opportunities open to businesses by incorporating mobile search into their overall digital marketing campaign.

“Google Now being rolled out onto the iOS platform reinforces the importance of mobile search. In a recent study by xAd and Telemetrics, it was found that 58 per cent of UK smartphone searches are conducted outside of the home, with 50 per cent of smartphone and tablet users highlighting the importance of locality whilst searching. Google Now being available to iPhone and iPad users is likely to increase these numbers further,” said Liane Grimshaw, Managing Director of SEO Consult. “Our highly skilled team members are experts in search and mobile search, and we can offer clients a highly sophisticated mobile search offering tailored to specific individual needs and requirements.”

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About SEO Consult:
SEO Consult is the dedicated search marketing division of digital marketing company Click Consult. Established in 2003, Click Consult employs a team of skilled marketing professionals with decades of combined experience. Click Consult works with businesses of all sizes, in varying sectors, from across the UK. Along with search marketing, Click Consult also offers social media marketing, PPC and web development services.


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