East Yorkshire Transport Company Offers Full And Part Load Transportation Services

Hull, UK October 11th 2012 – Retailers, manufacturers, and many other businesses require the services of a reliable and secure transport service; a company that is able to shift its products from one location to another without the risk of damage, delays, or other potentially costly problems. Some businesses also require additional services such as delivery to a network of stores or the de-stuffing of containers and storage of items in a secure and convenient warehouse location.

Eurovision Logistics , a leading East Yorkshire transport company, provides these and other features. The Eurovision fleet consists of more than 80 vehicles which are low emission vehicles and typically come with GPS tracking devices fitted. The quality of the vehicles means that businesses can meet their own environmental targets while also being able to track and monitor deliveries. Businesses find peace of mind in being able to ensure that a delivery is on track and in the right area at the right time.

Not all products and items need distribution immediately. Businesses may benefit from being able to store the contents of a container until they need to be transported on or delivered elsewhere. This is another where Eurovision Logistics can help the modern business. Their 13,000 sqft warehouse can be used as a short to long term storage solution and is not only designed for security but for safety of the items too. Businesses can store even fragile and sensitive items without fear of them becoming damaged or lost.

Eurovision Logistics was formed in 2007 following the merger of two local East Yorkshire transport companies,IJ Blakeley Haulage Co Ltd and European Road Freight Ltd. With more than 60 years of combined experience in the transport and haulage industry, Eurovision have become a widely respected and trusted name when it comes to business haulage requirements.

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