Beach Holiday Late Deals Are Proving Popular

Holidaymakers in search of value for money are taking advantage of beach holiday late deals

UK holidaymakers are snapping up beach holiday late deals in unprecedented numbers. At the start of 2012, things were not looking good for the travel industry. ABTA released figures that showed that the average number of holidays taken by consumers is down to 3.5, from the high of 3.8 in 2010.

People really did seem to be tightening their belts. Skipping at least one of their holidays seemed to be something many people had decided to do. Many holidays went un-sold, but bookings have soared in the past few months.

Without a doubt, the main driver has been the weather. The summer has been abysmal. People, in the UK, love the sun, which is why most go abroad at least once a year. The fact that there has been hardly any summer this year has lead thousands to give into temptation and book themselves a week or two in the sun. In some cases, even though they cannot really afford to do so.

The fact that money is still tight is reflected in the type of holidays people are booking for this winter. They are definitely looking for cheap deals, and these are the holidays that have sold out first. Demand for these kinds of holidays is so high that companies have had to go out and block book more holiday accommodation to meet increased demand.

Self-catering beach holiday late deals

The highest demand is coming from people booking self-catering holidays. The price of flights is the same, but the price of accommodation is considerably cheaper. This enables travel firms to offer holidays at a price point UK consumers can still afford. Add in the beach and you have a winning combination. Specialist travel firms like Cheap Beach Holidays have seen interest and bookings soar. They have also seen demand for all-inclusive holidays soar. Although not as cheap as self-catering holidays they still represent good value for money. People like the fact they know exactly how much their holiday will cost, so can budget for it properly.

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