Sales of Swimming Pools On the Rise Again

Swimming pools are still very important for Australian homeowners

After a difficult few years, the swimming pool and spa industry are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Sales of swimming pools have been weak in most parts of Australia for five years now.

It looks like the drop in sales was caused by a combination of factors. The biggest of these was a lack of spare cash. Technically Australia was not caught up in the recession that much of the rest of the world has been suffering since the late 200os. Australia was able to maintain growth; however, the rate of growth slowed. This, and inflation, reduced the cash homeowners had to spend on their homes to a trickle.

Such widespread recession has made many Australians more cautious about spending on anything but the essentials of life. Many looked at what has happened in the rest of the world and realised that they need more savings to keep them economically safe and insulate themselves against unexpected events. Understandably, installing a new pool or spa was put on the back burner by many homeowners.

Water shortages negatively impacted the sale of swimming pools

The other reason sales of swimming pools appears to have slowed is water shortages and drought. Australia has suffered its worst drought in living memory and that drought has lasted far longer than ever before. Unsurprisingly, this has led to water restrictions in many parts of the country and made consumers more cautious about buying pools and spas. This is despite the fact water restrictions still allow people to top up their pools. In most places, a new pool can be filled, the only difference being that a permit needs to be applied for to do so. However, it is consumer perception that impacts on whether they buy or not.

However, some companies like, Adelaide Pool and Spas, have weathered this quite period well. The fact that they offer such a wide range of swimming pools and spas has defiantly helped them. Their sales team understands potential customers’ concerns and the company has worked hard to address their concerns. This fact has also helped them to maintain sales.

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