More People are Choosing Organised Walking Holidays

England 16/04/2013 – In the UK, hiking holidays have always been popular, but there is a growing trend for people to take these holidays with specialist firms

Traditionally, hikers have been quite independent. Until fairly recently walkers had to be pretty self sufficient, which meant that the people who went on walking holidays was a relatively specific type of person. They enjoyed the outdoors, knew how to read a map and navigate and took their own lunch with them. Today, walkers are more likely to want to walk in a group with someone else looking after the planning and navigating. It suits them for a guide to organise lunch and accommodation. Firms like Mickledore Travel, who have been running organised walking tours for 15 years, have greatly benefited from this trend.

The fact that travel firms now offer organised walking holidays has really opened up the market. People who would not have considered walking holidays in the past now go on them year after year.

More Families Taking Walking Holidays
Increasingly, family groups are taking walking holidays. They are drawn to these holidays on many levels. It is great for children to be out in the open air, getting exercise, enjoying nature and exploring. Kids love an adventure and, in their eyes, every walk is exactly that. They do not know what will be around the corner and what they will see next.

Families also like the fact that walking holidays are relatively inexpensive. The cost of food, travel and accommodation is the same as it is for any other kind of holiday. However, the fact that the days are spent walking means that there is less pressure for them to spend money on other things. There is no need to pay for entry to swimming pools, crazy golf of theme parks and other attractions. For most of the day, there are no shops, so not temptation for the kids. Overall, these holidays work out very cheap indeed. Something that is increasingly important for families.

Firms like MickledoreTravel offer a range of walking holidays. They cater for everyone, including family groups. One of the reasons their business has grown so quickly over the past decade, and is likely to continue to do so.

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